No compromise for business ambitions – Chloe Thomas

Chloe Thomas has relocated to the Roseland in Cornwall, having identified that the arrival of superfast broadband would enable her to run her two businesses just as effectively from Cornwall as anywhere in the world.

Chloe says: “Having grown up in Cornwall, it is fantastic to be able to come back and run my businesses from here.”

Chloe launched a marketing agency in Oxford in 2007. By 2012, the agency had grown to a point where Chloe knew she no longer needed to be in the office every day. She says: “It was clear that I could run the business from anywhere, even overseas, so long as I had excellent business broadband connections but what I really wanted to do was come home to Cornwall. Superfast broadband has enabled that to happen.”

As well as her marketing agency in Oxford, which is now called Digital Gearbox, Chloe runs a second business, eCommerce Masterplan, which is based in Cornwall.

Chloe says: “Because of superfast broadband, I am now able to take the first steps towards turning eCommerce Masterplan into a truly global business. I expect that soon I will be achieving higher levels of sales through export than through sales in the UK.”

She says: “Both businesses host all files in the cloud, so we are able to work effectively and productively, regardless of location. This would not have been possible without superfast broadband. For meetings with Digital Gearbox, we use Google Hangouts, which are crystal clear thanks to the superfast connection. This saves time and money on travel. I hold client meetings online using ‘Go to Meeting’ video conferencing and also run webinars.”

Chloe continues: “I run podcasts, which are the first step on taking eCommerce Masterplan to global markets. This kind of digital development is crucial to achieve the business growth we want. Very simply, if it had not been for superfast broadband becoming available in Cornwall, I would not have been able to base my business here and would have had to choose a different location to live and work.”

“As it is, I can now enjoy living in this inspirational county, whilst continuing to work with my team in Oxford and also build a second global business.

“We outsource to contractors in Cornwall and elsewhere and have just taken on our first new Cornish employee. Superfast broadband has enabled me to enjoy a great quality of life in Cornwall, without having to compromise my business ambitions. I expect eCommerce Masterplan to grow internationally from our base in the Roseland, creating more local jobs in Cornwall.”

Ecommerce Masterplan

“Having grown up in Cornwall, it is fantastic to be able to come back and run my businesses from here.”