Superfast 3 – Inclusive Growth Programme

Grants and Business Digital Consultancy to help you implement digital solutions for your business

IMPORTANT- The programme is now closed to any new applications for both consultancy support and business and broadband grants.

We are working on applications that have already been submitted and these will still be processed.

There are a few ways we can help:

Business Grants – If you have a problem in your business that’s holding you back and a digital solution will help solve it, you may be eligible for a grant to help towards the costs.  Our Business Grants range between £1,000-£5,000 and cover a maximum of 80% of the costs.  If you know what you need and can source it from a supplier, download the application form & guidance and make an application.  Please check the eligibility criteria below to confirm if your project can be funded.  If you’d like support making your application, feel free to sign up to one of our online support sessions (link on the right).  We are particularly keen to hear from you if you feel like you are ‘behind the curve’ with your use of technology.

Business Digital Consultancy – if you’re not sure what digital equipment or other digital solution you need, we’re here to help.  Our team of Business Digital Consultants can analyse your business, including your current challenges and future plans and provide support to identify the best digital solution package to boost you forward.  This may be a short session or up to a total of 12hrs split into hourly sessions. We also provide regular workshops exploring digital solutions which clients can attend.

Broadband Grants – If your business has a slow broadband connection (download speed is below 30Mbps) you can apply for a Broadband Grant to cover 100% of the costs of a new installation where your current speed will be at least doubled and faster than 30Mbps. Broadband Grants are available for fibre, wireless, 4G mobile antenna or the new Starlink solutions.

For any further information, please contact us at 

General eligibility criteria:

  • Businesses must be based in Cornwall
  • Must be a Small (inc Micro) or Medium Sized enterprise
  • Must be an existing business and already trading
  • Should be a late adopter of digital technology in some aspect of your business
  • Must be in an eligible sector- Excludes Primary Production e.g. farms, unless part of farm diversification and some retail activity
  • Must have a dedicated bank account for the business

Additional eligibility criteria for grant applicants:

  • The funded items must provide a step-change in your business and enable it to grow in some way
  • You must be able to demonstrate the need for a public funded grant
  • We cannot fund business as usual costs (see ineligible costs below)
  • Your business must be able to cash flow the project upfront and claim the grant based on evidenced expenditure
  • We cannot fund individual items below the value of £100 or equipment above £5,000
  • New/start-up businesses (less than 12months old) can apply for funding, but must already be trading and not seeking initial costs for the business. If your business is less than 12 months old, you will also need to provide a business plan and financial forecast.
  • You must have a download speed slower than 30Mbps (Broadband Grant only)

Eligible cost examples (Business Grants for Digital Solutions)

  • Your first website (business must already be trading)
  • Development of an existing website to add e-commerce or other significant functionality
  • Digital marketing (e.g. Pay per Click, Google AdWords, social media advertising etc) can be eligible when it is the first digital campaign for your business and is included as part of a wider project to increase web presence that includes website functionality development
  • New software, new software subscriptions (first 12 months only)
  • Digital equipment where they will lead to improvements and subsequent growth in the business

Ineligible cost examples (Business Grants for Digital Solutions)

  • Replacing existing items, e.g. standard laptops, printers, cameras etc
  • Business as usual costs, e.g. a digital camera for a photography business
  • Development of an existing website without upgrading its functionality in some way
  • Apart from exceptional circumstances, mobile phones cannot be funded as they should be paid through a monthly contract as a regular business cost
  • Repeat or ongoing digital marketing campaigns
  • Training costs of any nature

More information about the types of businesses we can assist and the ways we can help is available on our Questions page under the Grants and Specialist Digital Advice section.

Broadband Grants
If you are interested in applying for a broadband grant or have any questions, please email your business name, address and postcode to

Eligible cost examples (Broadband Grants) – Cost of equipment and installation

Ineligible cost examples (Broadband Grants) – Broadband subscription costs

Further information about alternative broadband solutions and grants is available here.

Flowchart showing when to apply direct for a grant


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