Superfast Cornwall fosters digital inclusion

Having access to superfast broadband can have many benefits – everything from being able to find the cheapest car insurance to ordering your prescriptions online; from submitting job applications to keeping in touch with friends and relations.

At the outset of the programme in 2011, Office of National Statistics figures showed that 20% of adults in Cornwall had never used the internet – this was higher than both the regional and national average. By 2016, this figure had dropped to 10%.

Cornwall works with partners, such as Cornwall Rural Community Charities and Cornwall Libraries, to help bring the benefits of connectivity to more people.

The Superfast Cornwall 2011-2015 programme helped address the very real issues of digital exclusion as part of its rural broadband programme.

Working with Get IT Together, a joint initiative between BT and the national charity Citizens Online, Superfast Cornwall ran a pioneering digital inclusion programme to help 3000 people use the internet for the first time.

Download our 2011 – 2014 Superfast Cornwall Digital Inclusion brochure
Download our 2014 – 2015 Superfast Cornwall Digital Inclusion brochure


This scheme included workshops and taster sessions in local venues such as village halls, libraries and even local pubs. Superfast Cornwall and Citizens Online also helped community groups and churches to set up their own internet centres and develop partnerships with organisations such as housing associations and Job Centre Plus to extend digital skills training to key groups.

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Equality Impact Assessment

Our Equality Impact Assessment can be viewed below.

Superfast Cornwall Equality Impact Assessment