The latest evaluation report, uploaded on 22nd August 2017 can be viewed below:

Superfast Cornwall Evaluation baseline report 2017

The impact of superfast, so far...

World leading research into the impact of superfast broadband on the local economy

Superfast Cornwall, the pioneering fibre broadband programme funded by the EU, BT and Cornwall Council, has been the catalyst for large-scale economic growth in Cornwall, bringing £186.1 million of economic benefit, according to, independent research published by SERIO at Plymouth University and Buckman Associates.

The research estimates that more than 12,000 Cornish companies are connected to the high-speed network, resulting in 2000 new jobs being created and a further 2500 safeguarded. The research involved more than 2000 separate survey responses and is thought to be the UK’s most advanced piece of research into the economic impact of fibre broadband.

This report shows the full success of the programme, with a prediction that by June 2016 – a year after the completion of the first stage roll-out - the impact will increase from £186.1m to over £250m.

The Superfast Cornwall Evaluation

The Superfast Cornwall evaluation has been carried out by SERIO at Plymouth University, with the final report now available. The documents and reports that underpin the evaluation findings are:

Superfast Cornwall Evaluation

Superfast Cornwall Final Evaluation Report - Executive Summary (June 2015) - SERIO

Superfast Cornwall Final Evaluation Report (June 2015) - SERIO

Superfast Cornwall Environmental Monitoring Report (June 2015)

Previous Reports:

Superfast Cornwall Evaluation Update Report (May 2014)

Research Summary Report (Nov 2013)

Superfast Cornwall Evaluation – mid term report (Nov 2013) - SERIO

Superfast Cornwall Evaluation (Appendices) - mid term report (Nov 2013) - SERIO

Superfast Cornwall Evaluation - baseline report (Nov 2011) - SERIO

Monitoring for Evaluation Plan (Mar 2011) – Cornwall Development Company

Superfast Cornwall had also commissioned research that has indicated how Cornwall’s new superfast fibre broadband network is providing a major economic boost to SMEs. This research includes:

  • the Superfast Cornwall longitudinal business survey, undertaken by SERIO (Plymouth University), which captures more detailed information and complements the main evaluation.
  • a qualitative study undertaken by BT and Plymouth University, looking at SMEs that have adopted superfast broadband. The study investigated the impacts of the technology and provides in-depth commentary around businesses’ experience of superfast broadband

Superfast Cornwall Research:

Superfast Longitudinal Business Survey Wave One (May 2014)

SME Benefits and Business Opportunities with Superfast Broadband (Nov 2013) – BT and Plymouth University

Results of an exploratory study on Cornish Small to Medium-sized Enterprises’ (SMEs) intentions, experiences, and outcomes of adopting Superfast Broadband (Sept 2013) – MBA dissertation for Exeter University

Superfast Cornwall research and innovation

In conjunction with the Superfast Cornwall evaluation, a programme of research and innovation projects have been undertaken. For more information on this, see the Research & Innovation page.

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