New Programme 2018 - 2020

The third phase of Superfast Cornwall, part funded by the EU, was announced on 22nd August 2017. This programme will aim to upgrade more than 7,000 of the slowest 16,000 sub-15Mbps premises remaining in Cornwall at the end of 2017. 

We are aiming to publish the initial areas that will be assessed for upgrading in October 2017. Detailed surveying and planning will follow and the first premises are expected to go live in Spring 2018.

The media release is available here

Current Programme 2016 - 2018

The current programme aims to upgrade c8,000 premises by the end of 2017.

Postcode details are available to view/download below:

Postcodes upgraded under the 2016-2018 Superfast Extension Programme

Postcodes underway for upgrade under the 2016-2018 Superfast Extension Programme

Please note:

  1. Once more detailed planning and surveying is undertaken, unforeseen circumstances can mean that upgrade plans for a given area may change. In some cases this can mean an area becomes economically unviable to complete.
  2. Postcodes do not map straightforwardly onto network deployments. Therefore once an area has been enabled, it is not necessarily true that all the premises in the postcode will experience an uplift in speeds, or that speed uplifts will be limited to only the postcode areas specified.

The above lists cover approximately 7,000 of the c8,000 premises we are aiming to upgrade in the current 2016-2018 programme. These lists will be updated on a regular basis as they are planned.

A map showing these areas is available here. (Click layers, then expand the superfast broadband option and check the tick box for "2016-2018 Superfast Extension Broadband".) 

Can my area be brought into the new programme?

Unfortunately it is not possible to set any priorities for individual areas. In order to reach the outputs required by the funding partners we need to upgrade as many premises as possible with the available funding. Because the rollout is modelled using this criteria, if we were to bring in additional premises, it would therefore mean that a greater number of premises would need to be removed from the programme.

Can my area be brought forward and done sooner?

Our new programme is a 3 year major infrastructure programme, and the planning, surveying and build stages will happen on a rolling basis, possibly stretching into 2020. Unfortunately it really is not possible to set any priorities for individual areas to be brought forward. We receive a very large number of such requests, usually with compelling reasons why they should be prioritised, and trying to take all these on board would make the programme completely unmanageable. With such large numbers of premises, the rollout must maximise efficiencies by completing detailed planning, surveying and subsequent build across complete exchange areas.


Please see our Alternative Solutions page for information about Cornwall Council's Grant Scheme, satellite and mobile broadband.

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