New Programme

The new programme will aim to cover at least 8,600 premises of the 30,000+ premises in Cornwall that could still benefit from an upgrade to Superfast broadband and will aim to complete this rollout by the end of 2017.

The activity covering these premises will be undertaken in phases. The planned postcodes for the first phases are listed below: - 

 Phase 1a 1b

 Postcode List

 Phase 1c 2a

 Postcode List

A map showing these areas is available here (Click layers, then select superfast broadband and check the tick box for either "Fibre broadband proposed coverage phase 1a 1b" or "Fibre broadband proposed coverage phase 1c 2a").

Please note:

  1. Once more detailed planning and surveying is undertaken, unforeseen circumstances can mean that upgrade plans for a given area may change. In some cases this can mean an area becomes economically unviable to complete.
  2. Postcodes do not map straightforwardly onto network deployments. Therefore once an area has been enabled, it is not necessarily true that all the premises in the postcode will experience an uplift in speeds, or that speed uplifts will be limited to only the postcode areas specified.

Can my area be brought forward or into the current programme?

Unfortunately it is not possible to set any priorities for individual areas. With 30,000+ premises and around 7,000 businesses that could benefit from an improvement in speed, the roll out of the programme needs to be determined by a financial / engineering model that provides value for money by maximising the number of premises. There are hundreds of clusters and thousands of individual premises, and virtually all such areas that contact us have a key business, school or other reason as to why they should be prioritised.

Further Activity

Cornwall Council are working on development of a further part-EU funded programme. This is still under development and as a contract has yet to be signed we do not yet know what actual coverage will be achievable with the funding available. Currently it is planned to complete the procurement and sign a contract by 31 March 2017. 


Cornwall Council is keen to ensure that a complementary scheme is available so that any businesses or communities that cannot be covered under the roll out can apply for funding to help with alternative technologies.

Please see our Better Broadband page for information about satellite and mobile broadband.
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