One student feeling the benefits of faster broadband is Cory Stager, a second-year student in 3D Design at Falmouth University. Superfast broadband has been installed in the townhouse in which he lives with five other students, and it’s having a major impact on how they live, work and study.

“Superfast broadband has majorly improved my living. At home, I would have to sit in the living room, about five feet away from the hub in order to get any type of internet access. Even then, the speed was so slow it meant waiting about five minutes per internet page.

Students embrace power of superfast broadband

When superfast broadband was installed, it instantly became a vital utility for the household of six students. They found that all six could be online doing research and the connection wouldn’t slow down at all, enabling deadlines to be met with much less difficulty or panic.

“Another useful factor is the ability to go anywhere in the house and still have a good signal and fast internet speed,” says Cory. “For example, one housemate is on the same course as me and sometimes we will work on the same project. Having a good signal means we can work together with other members of a group in the same room, all on different laptops, and simultaneously search the web for what we need.”

Faster internet speeds have made a world of difference to Cory and his housemates, enabling them to study together, access all the online content they need and keep in touch with friends and family in an instant.

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