An excellent step for the business - Gravitas

Gravitas is a digital marketing agency that has recently relocated from Cambridge to Penryn.

The company offers digital marketing and search engine optimisation services to clients both large and small across the UK.

Director Tony Wheeler says: “It would simply not have been possible to run the business from Cornwall without superfast broadband. We are an online business.  When I heard Cornwall has some of the best superfast broadband in the UK, it opened the floodgates for me and I could see how I could combine running the business with living in a place with a great quality of life.”

Tony continues: “As my business is wholly online, I could be based anywhere in the world. I have always loved Falmouth and this is where I really wanted to be. Superfast broadband has allowed me to relocate here and continue to provide the same service to my clients in the Cambridge area and elsewhere in the UK. Because of the arrival of superfast broadband, there were no longer any barriers to moving here.

“I provide digital marketing consultancy to a large company in Cambridge and we use online project management tools as well as hold face to face meetings using Skype or Google Hangouts. Thanks to the high speed connections, video conferencing is high quality and we can both work together online using desktop applications. I can work just as closely with the client now from Penryn as when I was based next door to them in Cambridge.

“Another service we provide is graphic design and print. This involves transferring extremely large files between ourselves, the client and the printer. In the past, when I was based in Cambridge, these files could sometimes take as long as two hours to transmit over the internet. Now that we have superfast broadband in Cornwall, these tasks take a fraction of the time. This is helping us provide a better client service as well as helping boost our productivity.”

Tony concludes: “Relocating to Cornwall has been an excellent step for the business. We plan to continue to build our national client base and provide world class service from our base here in Penryn.”


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