‘The perfect balance’ - MuTu System

‘The perfect balance’ - MuTu System

MuTu is a complete system to help mums get back into shape and full physical health after having a baby. The company was set up by Wendy Powell and now has more than 15,000 customers around the world.

This online global business is run by Wendy from her office in a converted shed in her garden in Probus and is enabled by her superfast broadband connection.

When working as a personal trainer in London, Wendy soon saw the potential of focusing on post-partum exercise and providing a digital package, so that the business was not restricted geographically. The online business was set up in 2010, by which time Wendy had relocated to Cornwall.

Customers receive a log in and access to a membership site, where they have access to videos, workout demos, week-by-week guidelines and coaching as well as an online members community on Facebook.

65% of current customers are from the USA, with the rest in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and all over the world.

Wendy says: “We are now a truly global business, which has grown organically. As an online business, it is clearly vital we have superfast connections, so the arrival of superfast broadband in Cornwall has been invaluable.

“We use Skype frequently to speak to our contacts in the USA, and with superfast broadband, we can rely on a high quality clear connection.

“We have an international team, who all work together seamlessly thanks to the technology. We have designers and consultants in Cornwall who work closely with a consultant in Texas and our social media manager in Los Angeles to name a few. To make this happen, we use online project management tools and video conferencing.

“All our systems are hosted in the cloud and we also produce webcasts and podcasts. With superfast broadband, we can make use of all the latest technology to help the business grow and reach out to new customers worldwide.

Wendy adds: “Our customer base is mainly in the USA and this is where we are focusing on building most of our next stage of growth. Having access to superfast broadband in Cornwall is allowing me to achieve the perfect balance– living and working in a beautiful corner of Cornwall whilst building a business in the USA and worldwide.” 

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