To the next century of business

To the next century of business - Tregarthen's Hotel

Tregarthen’s Hotel, situated on St Mary’s in the Isles of Scilly, is embracing the future and enjoying the benefits of superfast broadband in the same year it celebrates its first 100 years as a company. The company was formed on 1915, which puts them in an elite band of less than 1% of companies in the UK that are over 100 years old.

Tregarthen’s was the first hotel on Scilly and famous Victorian visitors included Alfred Lord Tennyson, who, novelist Wilkie Collins and the infamous murderer Dr Crippen.

Now the hotel is one of the first businesses on Scilly to embrace superfast broadband. Manager Carina Luscombe says:  “The arrival of superfast broadband on Scilly is fantastic news for us and it will allow us to make the most of new digital opportunities.”

Carina continues: “Our new superfast connection will make it easier for the hotel to streamline processes, saving time and money as well as reaching out to new customers around the globe in new and exciting ways.

“Superfast broadband will allow us to improve the WiFi we provide to guests as well as our webcam streaming. It will also make it so much faster to upload videos to our website and social media in future. Now we will be able to make use of cloud computing applications, for example for data backup, which will help with the everyday management of the hotel.

“Another exciting advantage is that we will now be able to use Skype and rely on a crystal clear connection to speak face to face to customers, suppliers and colleagues on the mainland, helping us build and maintain more personal relationships. This too is likely to bring significant cost savings to the hotel over time.

Carina concludes: “Superfast broadband is helping us embrace the future and reach out to new customers, as well as save time and money. We now have the infrastructure we need to continue to grow, well into our next century.” 

Tregarthen's Hotel 

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