"Revolutionising our internet experience" - The Minack Theatre

The iconic Minack Theatre, perched on the edge of the cliffs at Porthcurno, attracted over 250,000 visitors in 2014 and has a worldwide following.  Now, the Minack will be able to provide an even better experience to theatre lovers around the globe, thanks to its ‘fibre to the premises’ superfast connection.

Theatre Manager Phil Jackson says: “Previously, we struggled with a very slow internet connection. Now we can rely on download speeds of around 60 Mbps and upload speeds of 20 Mbps. This is revolutionising our internet experience and it means we can plan to introduce some fabulous innovations next season.”

Phil explains: “On a daily basis, it is now far easier to use the web. For example, theatre companies often send us links to their videos. Now we can stream these instantly, whereas this was not possible before. We also notice how much easier and faster it is to send large files and images, as well as upload videos, when we need to do so. This saves us time and increases our productivity.

“In the future, we will also be able to use cloud computing, which was simply not viable for us before. This will help us streamline our processes, such as backing up data online, which will again save us a considerable amount of time and hassle.”

Phil continues: “We are really excited about the innovations we can introduce for our audiences as a result of the high speed connection. We have webcams that attract thousands of viewers a year from around the world, but they have only delivered a low resolution image up until now. For the 2015 season, we will be able to upgrade to high definition webcams. This is likely to help boost our following still higher, as well as provide a better experience for our loyal followers.

“We are also planning to live stream at least one performance in 2015, which will be a thrilling ‘first’ for the Minack. This would not have been possible without our fibre connection.

“Now that we have higher bandwidth, we can also look at becoming a WiFi hotspot and providing free WiFi to our visitors, a service they are bound to appreciate. This will also make it more likely that visitors will upload images to social media, while they are at the Minack – another factor that will help build our profile.

“We also plan to launch a virtual tour and WiFi based apps for our visitors, which will help make their experience of the Minack even more magical. We expect that this will be especially popular with schoolchildren.”

Phil concludes: “The Minack is a world class venue in a stunning location. Now that we have world class broadband connections too, we can take our performance to the next level.”

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