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Transformational for my business - Tanist Computer Systems Ltd

“Our downstream speeds are now around the high 20s (in Mbps), a huge increase on the 2.5 Mbps we had before. But from our point of view, it’s the improved upload speeds that are most exciting, creating a real step change in the way we work.

“Video is one of the main areas where this is happening. Our base at Blisland is monitored by network cameras which we can control remotely from any web browser, anywhere in the world. To be most effective, this relies on a good upstream speed at the premises, so now that our upload speeds are fifteen times what they were, we can move cameras instantly and watch playback at 24 frames per second without buffering.”

Upload speeds are also supporting Tanist’s engineers working at client sites around the region, by providing access to systems hosted at Blisland. Whether through providing remote access to technical client information or to remote mail servers, this is enabling Tanist to provide enhanced levels of client support.

“Looking to the future, superfast broadband is actually allowing Tanist to stay put,” says John. “We are based in a beautiful rural location, but without fibre broadband, we would have had no choice but to relocate. Thankfully, we can now expand the business right here in Blisland, which will mean creating new local jobs as well as a better working environment for our staff and clients.”

“We are also looking into providing internet telephony solutions, a technology which is rarely mentioned, but which we feel is an area that offers massive potential savings to our customers.”

As IT specialists, Tanist has been involved in installing fibre broadband since the Cornwall pilot in 2011, and many businesses ask for further assistance in getting the most from their connection. Now, as John says, “Through handling issues that have arisen with some  of the connections, including our own, we have a better understanding of what the parameters are, and have been able to develop further skills in the area of fibre broadband to offer to our clients.”


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