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Is superfast broadband making your business greener?

Superfast broadband will not only help businesses work better, smarter and more innovatively, it will also help them be greener too. By enabling residents of Cornwall to work from home more easily, use Skype and other conference call facilities more smoothly, there's less need for travel. With cloud computing, businesses can also say goodbye to energy intensive servers.

Is your business cutting down commutes and saving energy thanks to superfast broadband? Use our Green Gauge to log your electricity usage and travel info each month and Superfast Cornwall can track how much energy your business is saving, a great way to prove green credentials to customers.

The introduction of superfast broadband will change the business landscape, by introducing new ways of managing your business. It's not just about saving the planet but also helping businesses survive in a difficult economic climate. We need your help to illustrate how superfast broadband is making super green businesses.

Help us out and we'll acknowledge your business's participation in the study and send you a copy.

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In just three simple steps it will help you understand how green your business is, and also help Superfast Cornwall to measure the environmental benefits of superfast broadband.

And that's not all.

We'll acknowledge your business's participation in the study and send you a copy of the results.

Go on, use GreenGauge and help us prove that investing in superfast broadband has helped Cornwall to create a greener economy.

Gather your utility bills together and any information on miles travelled during the last month or quarter.

Log-in to GreenGauge and enter your energy and travel data.

Setting up your baseline data will take up to an hour (well worth the effort to get your carbon footprint report). To access your report and keep it updated simply log into GreenGauge.

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Superfast Cornwall will collate your data anonymously with that of other businesses to produce a report on how superfast broadband is helping companies to reduce their travel and energy costs!

Notes for using GreenGauge

  • Decide if you're going to enter data monthly, quarterly or annually. For quarterly input, enter the data in the last month of each quarter (but remember that this should cover all three months.) For annual input, enter the full 12 months' worth of data in December of the required year.
  • Remember to calculate and save once you have entered your data on each. If you move on to the next tab without hitting Calculate & Save you will have to re-enter the data.
  • Avoid using the back button on your browser. Doing so will lose any data entered but
  • Make tracking your travel easier by using our CarbonDiem app. See below

Access CarbonDiem App

Our free smartphone application automatically monitors the distance you travel on each mode of transport. It also calculates the carbon emissions resulting from your travel. This data can then be uploaded straight into GreenGauge, making it very easy to track your travel carbon footprint. Once you've registered for GreenGauge, you'll find a link to Carbon Diem on the travel tabs.

Household Calculator

We can help you track your household's carbon footprint too.

Register for the household calculator

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