Superfast broadband events

We relish the opportunity to update people on the Superfast Cornwall fibre roll-out, talk about the benefits of fibre broadband and help people hone their computer skills.

Talking to local groups helps us find out how the superfast broadband switch over is going, how end-users have found the experience and if there's anything we can do to make it better. For you, it provides an opportunity to ask any questions that you haven't found an answer to on our website (we've tried to answer them all!) and just generally find out more this great new technology.


February Events

Supply Scilly, 25-26th February 2015, Isles of Scilly 

1000 - 1200, 26th of February 2015, Tregarthen's Hotel - Drop in session


If you'd like us to attend an event in your area, or to set up a specific meeting about superfast broadband for you and your neighbours or colleagues, please send us an email:

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  • BT
  • Cornwall Development Company
  • Cornwall Council
  • The Council of the Isles of Scilly
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